My Soulmate Client

I’m looking for amazing women that I can deliver BIG and lasting life changes to. If that’s you, I will personally dig in and work one-on-one with you on your Abundance Mindset to help you get unstuck, overcome procrastination, fear of failure, resistance and playing small so that you can finally get your happiest life on track and experience true freedom to live your Dream Life with passion.

First, we get on the phone or zoom one on one (yep. With ME personally) and go over your self limiting beliefs and goals for the rest of 2021.

I take a look at what you’ve got, what you’re doing, and what you want to achieve going forward.

We dive in to pinpoint your biggest areas for change, as well as identify the low-hanging fruit that could really turn your life around.

Once we have that foundation, I help you come up with a strategic plan of action to increase your Happiness ROI and freedom.

There are a number of ways I might do this for you.

For example, I might show you how to get started with the first of my essential success habits.

And once you clarity on your vision for your dream life, we’re bound to get you back on track with what you need to move forward... and map out the next steps to keep the momentum up in the face of fear and resistance.

About who I help

Lightworkers, Blue Rays, Star Seeds and Love Alchemists coming out of the Spiritual closet to heal the world.

A Lightworker is anyone who devotes their life to being a bright light in the world. They understand that their actions have the potential to raise the vibration of the planet. A Lightworker soul is awake, conscious that their presence matters and that they are part of something that is bigger than them. A Lightworker is someone who makes a conscious decision to endeavour to answer the call of Source (light) over the call of the ego (fear) and help others wake up. 

Blue Rays love to love! They are highly sensitive to all energy, deeply intuitive, compassionate, caring and know with great clarity that their purpose is to empower the Divine connection between the dimensional rays and the heart space, through soul illumination. Blue rays are the teacher of the teachers – most have walked difficult, challenging and even heart-breaking paths of hurt or pain to now hold the capacity to be fully present with the pain body of another beautiful soul and allow them to feel seen, heard, acknowledged and understood. Offering a huge heart space of love for healing and transformation to occur.

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About Silvia Mordini, Happiness Coach

II am a Lightworker, Spiritual Teacher, Transformation Mentor, and internationally recognized Author and Presenter. Before becoming a serial Yogapreneur, I was a Director for PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Most importantly I am a life-long Love Alchemist. 

For over 16 years, with more than 13,000 hours of teaching experience through my writings, in person seminars, online courses, podcast and international retreats and trainings I inspire people around the world to get unstuck from their pain and up level their (spiritual) happiness.I guarantee results fast. 

What does that mean? 

I wake people up to the power of change and their ability to choose to be happy, or happier in order to love themselves, love their day, love their lives! 

I am an internationally recognized Motivational Speaker and Mindfulness Teacher at conferences worldwide. You can’t help but leave spiritually uplifted! My enthusiasm is contagious. 

My life has been both a warning and an example

My life story and radical transcendence serves as a catalyst for clients to save time healing and removing what holds them back because I personally know it’s possible to transform your trauma to dharma and transmute your drama to dreams.Our greatest successes come from our messes. 

I was born in Ecuador. My Father is Italian, my mother is Ecuadorian and my immediate family is from Brazil, Philippines, and Puerto Rico. Because my life is like the United Nations I developed a sense of global citizenship early on.This is also why I love everybody.

I’m living a laptop lifestyle as a storyteller inspiring happiness, global awareness, and joyful living in everyone I meet.