What Our Online Graduates Say


"Alchemy of Yoga teacher training is the most comprehensive yoga teacher training you will come across.You will learn about yoga poses and ways to heal thy self and help guide others to healing."

Rebecca (USA) 

“ My experience with the Alchemy of Yoga was a catalysis in transformative growth. Before I began the training, I was less aware in being sovereign and yet deepening my awareness in honoring oneself and our fellow brothers and sisters. To be more authentic in spiritual integrity and sincere communication and the blessing in love of being a part of a sacred yoga sangha/Kula. The highlight was meeting all of my fellow, beloved yogis and yoginis. Their love was/is so pure in loving kindness and acceptance. I am deeply grateful to have had this wondrous personal growth, development and expansion in a yoga wellness course."

Dolores Restrepo Macias

"Our weekly Zoom calls during such a tumultuous time in the world was just the magical medicine I needed to stay grounded and be more present for my loved ones." 

Alisa (Singapore)

"I believe Alchemy YTT provided me the information I need to become an informed yoga teacher it also provided me insight and direction into discovering who I really am and what my deepest dreams and desires are."

Tambra (USA) 

"Learning from Silvia was so much more than completing a teacher training. Silvia was there for us, listened to us, guided us and most of all connected us."

-Viviane (USA)

"Alchemy of Yoga's teacher training found me at just the right time. Right now. I can't say enough good things about this program. It truly challenged me mentally and physically, but in only the best ways. In ways to foster growth and introspection. In this program, our main question that we were seeking to answer was, "why?" Why am I here? Why am I doing anything that I am doing. And what do I hope to do to make the world the world that I most want to live in. It's beautiful how Silvia is able to help you see the power you already have within you to accomplish your why. This online yoga teacher training truly builds a community, I feel forever connected to the women who I participated in the training with. It's not just a bunch of videos to watch whenever, but there is a vast amount of live sessions. In these live sessions, they allow for discussion, questions, and also I was able to learn SO MUCH even through what the other trainees were sharing. Silvia created an online family that extends far beyond online. Whether or not I, or anyone who takes the program, plans to teach yoga, the lessons you learn in this training are far beyond how to lead a yoga class. But it is a lesson on how to lead a more inspired life, to teach and spread peace to others, and to foster a sense of purpose within yourself. It's truly beautiful what is accomplished in the online training program, but the lessons extend after the program is over as well, as you're able to immediately incorporate what you're learning into your day to day life as you live it. An infinite amount of thank you's forever."

Sydney (USA)

"Wow, I have never been so impacted than when I took Alchemy of Yoga Online Yoga Teacher Training. Before I took the training, I was lost. I wasn’t happy with myself and what I was doing in life. After a few years of trying to decide on which Yoga Teacher Training to do, I signed up to Alchemy of Yoga’s Online training. The depth of the training was immense and I learnt so much about myself. I had never felt so in touch with myself than when I was doing this training. I recommend this training even if the only reason you do it is to learn to love yourself more, because that’s the affect it has. After the training, I became more consistent and dedicated in my yoga and meditation practice and I know how to manage my feelings and emotions better and how to care for my body more holistically. I can’t thank Silvia enough for her teachings and inspiration."

Shenae (Australia)

"Before the Alchemy of Yoga teacher training I was unsure of my place in the world. I was frazzled and seeking answers to “who am I?” After the training I became so much more self-aware, so much more confident, and so much more full of this radiant love that I want to share with the world as Silvia has shared with me! I now know that I am a being of love and can share that with the world with strength and grace! This teacher training has truly been the facilitator of my quantum leap to happiness and to discover my true dharma." 

Abby (United Kingdom)

"I entered teacher training just hoping to deepen my practice but the reality is I graduated as a whole new me. This was an adventure that pushed, challenged and encouraged me to grow. I became more self-aware and self-confident than any time in my life. I joined a Kula (a community of the heart), an extended family that offered unconditional support and inspiration. I am grateful to Silvia Mordini for the professional, organized and extremely informative yoga training, but I am eternally indebted to Silvia for creating a safe space for growth and helping open my eyes to my potential!"

Casey (USA)

"I want to thank you for opening this whole new world for me. Through your knowledge, energy, and warmth, I was able to “Go Deeper” into myself. I never knew I had the courage to face the “boxes” that had been closed and locked up for such a long time. I know now I’m brave enough to face anything and I am forever grateful for that."

Rianne (Amsterdam)

"When I signed up for Sylvia’s online yoga teacher training I was looking for something to lift me up and inspire me. Her program did just that. She dove right in with making us explore our inner self in a deep and meaningful way. She is not one to support superficiality - she consistently prompted and directed me to not only dig deeper, but to purposefully express what I was thinking and feeling. I needed this direction. She is able to provide the instruction in a way that made me feel supported, encouraged, accepted and seen. This is hard to do in an online program. 

It was clear from the beginning that Sylvia poured her heart and soul in to the creation of the program. The lesson plans were thorough and easy to follow. She was well prepared for each online class. No time was wasted during our sessions. She had backup plans in place when curveballs came her way. She always responded with grace and a smile on her face. 

One of the biggest benefit of Sylvia’s online program is that EVERYTHING is available to view down the road after the program is completed. She is constantly adding more quality content and looking for ways to fill any specific needs for information - i.e., prenatal yoga, chair yoga, yoga for specific body parts, as well as rituals and mystical content. It seems her knowledge knows no bounds. She is a master at providing documentation to her students so it can be read and re-read until it becomes ingrained.

I am very grateful for having had the opportunity to participate in this class and although I believe it provided me the information I need to become an informed yoga teacher it also provided me insight and direction into discovering who I really am and what my deepest dreams and desires are."

Tambra (USA)

"For years, I have been planning on adding a Yoga certification to my Pilates education. For years, it never seemed to be the right time to do exactly so. Until I found Alchemy of Yoga. It wasn't that I never had time - I just never found the right teacher.

Learning from Silvia was so much more than completing a teacher training. Silvia was there for us, listened to us, guided us and most of all connected us.

Alchemy of Yoga is so much more than Yoga training and it gave me tools not only to become a better teacher but also to become a more patient and kind human being."

-Viviane (USA)

"Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training & Silvia was answered prayer for me. For years I had searched for the right training to become certified to teach yoga. The right time was now. I saw Silvia’s teacher training available ONLINE! I signed up! It was a wonderful training experience. 

She is the most knowledgeable and well versed in teaching yoga! I will definitely take another class taught my Sylvia! It was the best experience I’ve had learning. I highly recommend Alchemy of yoga Teacher Training!" 

Liz (USA)

"I had been thinking of taking the teacher training to enhance my personal practice, but had never had the time for the in person classes.

I read the information and signed up for the introduction call with Silvia. After the call, I signed up for the May/June 2020 class that day. Online does not mean no interaction with A of Y. Everyone was able to discuss, work with each other, connect with each other, and learn from each other."

Tam (USA) 

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